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Reduce Conflict. Empower Love

Love Smart


Love Smart Cards Testimonials

“Tears of joy rolling done my face --- for the first time in a very long time (if ever)... I feel heard, validated & oh so loved!  Just ripping into my deck right now! What a gift!!!”

~ Karen O., Strathmore, Canada

"When my wife and I have had a challenging time, the Love Smart Cards have been incredibly helpful.  They have allowed us to truly understand what the other was feeling and needing--without  resorting to the sometimes tricky problems of verbal communication when stressed. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to better understand  the people they love."

   ~Jonathan Robinson, author of the N.Y. Times bestseller,

"Communication Miracles for Couples.”

"Time and time again, I lean on the Love Smart Cards in my personal life and relationship and they literally work miracles. Thank you for providing such an epic resource.”

- Tanner Petrilla, Nevada, USA

Meet Our Trainers


Katrina Vaillancourt - USA

Katrina is an NVC Certified Trainer, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Coach, Facilitator, Mediator and the creator of the Love Smart Cards™. She is a mother who has learned to navigate complex non-nuclear family dynamics and trauma healing work and support others to do the same. Her mission is to create win/wins - playing full-out in the game of life.


Makiko Imai - Japan

Makiko is an NVC Certified Trainer, Transformative Life Coach and Expert in Collaborative Leadership. She has over 20 years of experience working in international environment, from human resources development to business consultant and is the founder of Love Smart Cards Japan.

Languages: Japanese and English


Lynda Switzer - Canada

Lynda Switzer is a Neuro-Transformational Coach and Sacred Sexuality Educator, with training in the Gottman models of relationship counseling. She helps people to dramatically improve their communication to enhance their quality and depth of connection. Her mission is to lovingly and tenaciously support and inspire others to live a life they love.

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