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The Love Smart Cards™ are an award winning educational social-emotional learning tool that strengthens intra and interpersonal skills in emotional literacy, empathic understanding, conflict resolution, gratitude practice, and character development. In contrast to having words lists, by flipping through the cards, one at a time, the “player” is more likely to feel a somatic connection to the various emotions, needs and values written on the cards. Word lists, while helpful, can be overwhelming in times of duress as the mind is often wanted to break from the problem, however, reading one word at a time is easy. The mind can easily ask, “do I feel this now?” and answer with a yes, no, or maybe. While this process is simple, the result of doing it can be surprisingly profound.

Regular use of these cards builds the vocabulary and line of thought that supports successful conflict resolution, trains and attitude of gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness, builds character, and supports emotional resiliency. The cards can be played to create better understanding of your personal situation, but can also be used to create deeper compassionate understanding for others you might be in conflict with and can be used as a bridge for understanding.

The cards give the “players” a buffer for building mutual understanding. In contrast, it is common for people in conflict to enter in to a dialogue to find resolution, only to feel misunderstood by each other and to become defensive. This can quickly lead to undesirable escalation of conflict – in direct opposition to our natural shared desire for ease, harmony, and mutually agreeable strategies for handling discord. Two or more “players” can do processes on their personal experience and lay out their cards for a later show-and-tell. “Players” can also use the cards to imagine into the experiences of others around them, whether this is in a family setting, workshop setting, or any other form of personal relationship. By taking time to feel into the experience, emotions, values, and our appreciation for another, we are doing the best we can do to ready ourselves for a productive dialogue to find win/win solutions.

The box of Love Smart Cards™ includes four colorful decks of cards, four index cards, and a Getting Started Guide. The four decks of cards include 84 Universal Longings/Needs cards, 54 Emotions Connected to Longings, 54 Emotions Connected to Met Longings, and 56 Character Strength Cards, and 14 Guiding Question Cards – 262 cards total. In addition, Katrina has created a number of instructional and inspirational YouTube videos, offers wisdom via her email newsletter, holds instructional workshops and webinars, and offers group and personal coaching sessions. The words chosen for this set of cards comes from a larger set of words lists as shown below.

This card tools was developed by Katrina Vaillancourt, Relationship Coach and workshop leader, whose passion for Nonviolent Communication™, spiritual development, and conscious parenting led her to create this card set and the processes they help to facilitate.

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