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Ignite Love

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Love is the one universal language we all understand and desire. If you asked a million people from every corner of the globe what is the one thing they treasure the most... they would probably say love. Love from a spouse, a friend, a partner, a child, or a parent... These are just a few of the many forms of love we, as humans, seek. In fact, our need for love is so strong that we will climb mountains, face great peril, give up everything, and do almost anything to experience love's comforting embrace.

This book is a masterful collection of stories by individuals traversing both the wild oceans and calm harbors of relationship love, first live, lost love, and self-love. Each one explores the magical Ignite moments that people enjoyed while in the search of love -- with others and, most importantly, with themselves. Each story is a beautiful thread in a rainbow tapestry of real-life accounts showing how, in searching for love both within and without, one can create the most sublime feeling of all.

May this book Ignite more love on the planet for everyone.

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