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Love Smart Cards Online Workshops

Access to Love – Webinar

In this 2-hour webinar gain clear understanding of what empathy is and is not. Gain first hand knowledge of how important this relationship skill is. Begin to understand how even the actions others take that feel hurtful to us are often driven by positive intentions. Learn simple tools and practice empathy with others, and experience in your body what it feels like to give and receive empathy. While empathy is in all of us, practicing it takes time. Access to Love through the power of empathy is a great place to start!

Deepening in Love – Webinar

In this 2-hour webinar learn the three primary forms of empathic listening and responding. We will focus on the most commonly used and generally most effective form of empathic responding using Love Smart Cards as tools to lean on. In this session, you will experience receiving high quality empathy, and will also experience your own ability to share the gift of empathic listening and responding to others. This webinar is great for beginners and those seeking to become fluent in the skill of giving and receiving empathy.

Empathy Dojo – Webinar

In this intermediate 2-hour webinar will be flexing our empathic skills as we work through real interpersonal life challenges as provided by participants on the call. We will be using the Love Smart Cards to practice giving empathy, raising the vibration through gratitude, and raising it again through acknowledgment of character strengths.

LSC 4-week Basics

In this course we learn the skills taught in the live Module 1 & 2 workshops. In addition, we have practices that will have you discover and deeply connect to what your core values are, the bounty that already exists in your life but may be unseen or taken for granted, and the opportunities you have to live according to your next best version of your authentic heart-centered self.

LSC 4-Week Intermediate

This course covers the materials in the live Module 3 & 4 workshops and in addition teaches you how to release shame, blame and other unconscious self-sabotaging and life negating habits. You will become well versed at “getting past No” and discovering where there is a Yes in any given situation. Become a master at living a win/win way of life.

LSC CEU’s for Therapists

Sponsored by Consultants for the Future, this 3-hour course is designed to assist the therapist/nurse in communicating with the client/patient, and in assessing how the patient/client’s language (or nurse/therapist’s language) is creating obstacles to successful relationships, and the ability to meet healthcare needs.

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Love Smart Cards Live Workshop Series

  • End Arguments Forever

  • Create ease, grace and flow in relating.

  • Imagine feeling heard, seen, acknowledged, cared for and understood.

  • Imagine confidently expressing your feelings and needs.

  • Imagine the depth of connection that you will feel.

Please join us for 2 ½ hours of emotional growth and personal discovery, where you will gain amazing tools, and powerful skills to radically transform all your relationships RIGHT NOW!

All of our relationship skills are stimulated and tested by challenges when they arise. It is a great growth opportunity and can be deeply fulfilling, when we know what to do. These are the tools that we need to create ease and flow in relationships of all types as we navigate difficult situations, upsets or conflicts.

This is not a lecture style presentation, instead it will be an experiential ‘playshop’ using Love Smart Cards:tm: to train you in the most critical skill you need to resolve conflict.

Come solo, or bring someone you are in relationship with, and an idea/issue/situation from your personal life that is edgy, vulnerable and challenging.

This event is for singles and couples of all orientations who are looking to find, create, heal or energize any of their relationships!

Having learned the basics in module 1, let’s take it deeper! You now know the biggest mistake everyone makes when trying to resolve conflict, and you know the first key step essential for moving from the vicious cycle of not feeling heard, understood or cared for to one in which you can show up for another person in a way that provides these critical needs for him/her.

Our next step in resolving conflict is to take what we’ve learned deeper – diving into mutual understanding, which prepares the necessary foundation for win/win solutions to emerge.

In this 2 ½ hour live interactive playshop, we will be working with interpersonal dynamics, applying techniques from Level 1 and taking it a step further in a process that transforms conflict into opportunities for deeper love, intimacy and harmony.

Feelings are real, stories are suspect. In this playshop, we explore the nature of thought as it relates to our feelings, our needs, and our perception of the world around us. We discover how our thinking can influence the words we choose to use in the midst of conflict, and come to recognize how we can speak our truth with greater clarity while also reducing the risk of triggering unwanted reactions in others. This course is about removing the internal barriers to conflict resolution – removing enemy images of ourselves and others – so that we are free to live from a perspective that everyone is doing their best at any given moment, and we do have the power to make a difference through heart-centered responsiveness. This course is a necessary pre-requisite for you to get the most out of Module 4.

How many times have you known what needs to be done? How many times have you had a solution or strategy to a challenging situation, but the other person(s) you are working with are not convinced by your answer?

Negotiating win/wins is a skill that can be trained and developed. This course is built upon the foundations taught in Modules 1-3.

In this course you will come to a deeper understanding of the important reasons to say ‘no,’ and through that learning, you will become more deeply empowered to stay present, compassionate, and connected in the events that another person says ‘no’ to your proposed solutions. You will learn how to build a foundation that creates willingness in other parties to be receptive to the ideas you have to offer. If someone else offers a solution you disagree with, learn how to respond in a way that moves the conversation towards a collaborative solution. And when someone disagrees with your solution, discover how to receive their feedback in a way that keeps the connection strong and moves you towards your win/win. The name of this game is to create the biggest wins possible, caring for everyone as a way of life.

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