Katrina Vaillancourt

Master Trainer - Love Smart Cards USA

Katrina Vaillancourt is passionate about compassion and the teachings of Nonviolent Communication™. Katrina is a relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, artists and creator of Love Smart Cards. The cards were created initially as a tool to support her own path of learning Compassionate Communication and character development, while training her son, starting when he was 10. It is an educational and practical application tool that aids in the development of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, gratitude, conflict resolution and character building. 

Katrina has spent much of the last decade focused on the practice of Nonviolent Communication in relationships, community and in the workplace. She has led workshops for organizations such the Earth Guardians, the Pachamama Alliance, and the Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace, bringing her teachings to team building and peace building projects. Through classes, workshops, presentations as expos and festivals, and private coaching, she has reached to hundreds of couples, individuals and parent/child relationships since 2006. 

Katrina helps people clear the cobwebs of old hurts, coaching individuals in critical relationship skills along the way, and empowering her clients to enjoy love and connection that can thrive for a lifetime. 

Her greatest passion is to make these teachings easily accessible – especially to families, as families create the foundation for a healthy society and a healthy world. Her journey with the Love Smart Cards gives her hope that any parent/child or romantic relationship, can access and maintain a thriving and everlasting love in which freedom and security are honored and held in the balance.

  • 30-minutes in service to your heart. Be deeply heard and understood.

    Gifting economy
  • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence - tailored to your needs. 60 min.

    120 US dollars
  • Sensitive, empowering support thru times of challenge. 90 min.

    175 US dollars
  • Learn all the core processes and teachings in a workshop setting.

    475 US dollars
  • One-on-one or couples coaching. Use these hours on an as-need basis.

    500 US dollars
  • One-on-One or Couples coaching. Use these hours on an as-need basis.

    960 US dollars

​Tel: 415-779-5957


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