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Katrina Vaillancourt
"Love Coach" Workshop Leader & Mediator

Katrina Vaillancourt, CSE, is a Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) Certified Trainer and Mediator with over 25 years experience in spiritual and transformational studies. 

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If internal or external conflicts have left a strain on your relationships to your life, your self or someone you love, I'm here to guide you. Let's cultivate robust communication skills that transform internal and external family systems, romantic relationships, and parent/child dynamics for the better forever. Together, we'll clear the clutter that may have been “swept under the rug,” shifting old unconscious thought-pattern and communication habits as we restore compassionate understanding, intimacy, love and trust.


I am a mother, artist, Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, Mediator, Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Coach who specializes in supporting the fullest blossoming of Love in your life. I empower my clients to enter into a flow of “soul coherence;” a way of living which is deeply aligned with one’s core values and authentic self-expression while living in compassionate attunement. I have been blessed to bring this work to thousands of people worldwide with audiences including the Pachamama Alliance, Earth Guardians, and the Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace.


My work is client-led as I seek to be of the highest service to what is most important to you in each session. My mediation sessions follow a roadmap specific to supporting two people to have a quality of communication which is most supportive of positive outcome for all. My one-on-one coaching work includes a variety of personal and relationship growth tools including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), journaling practices, compassionate inquiry, mediation, role-play dialogues, inner child work, meditation, breath work, affirmation and more.

Your path to thriving connections starts now. Schedule your complimentary Liberating Love Strategy Session using the link above, and feel free to drop in on one of my free introductory courses. Let's build a foundation that can positively transform every aspect of your life. ❤️



“I just HAVE to speak an appreciation to you--what you have created with the NVC training is beyond magical. The depths which I am seeing and experiencing are beyond words. What is happening there is what I have always looked for via NVC but never found.

I'm writing is because last night, I was driving with my ex who started 'complaining' about me and our very old relationship. I have had conversations with her several times but it's always the same old same old.

This time, I just empathized for about an hour drive. She said that the experience was powerful for her--she 'felt high' afterwards...and something really shifted. Because I let go of anything besides empathizing. I couldn't have done that without your course as a 'reminder'. I hope you can see how powerful what you are doing is... THANK YOU!” 

~ Ryan O., Berkeley, CA


"I was in dire need of emotional support and compassion coaching during the whole COVID thing. I had already gone through multiple, therapists that who offered different resources and felt frustrated with it all. What I loved about your work is that it was just very warm, inviting, there was space for all kinds of expression. And I knew it would be held in love, I knew it would be heard - without judgment. That's what I needed.

What's really cool about the way that you approach people is that you support them to come to their own conclusions. You have such a gift at reflecting nuggets back to people. You get me to dig deep into my own guidance system, my own knowing. 


I definitely recommend your you to whoever asks for help or says they need someone to talk to or says they feel alone or says they feel defeat or you know, hopelessness or any of that because you're magic Kat. You're magic. You really are and I'm not just being exaggerating. I have experienced the the gamut of different therapeutic modalities. And there's nothing out there like you. That's the truth, and everyone needs to know it."

~ Mahaliyah, Anchorage, Alaska


"When I signed up for an initial session, 

I was just feeling lost.

During the course of our work together, I've seen myself grow in so many ways. My internal dialogue changed. I didn't realize how negative my internal thoughts were. Now I am connecting with myself in such a positive, fulfilling, nourishing and gentle way. Once that happened, I no longer felt like I needed others to change for me to be happy.


You have an incredible ability to listen and reflect. That is the most unique and magnetizing part of working with. you. You listen to me in a way that helps me feel understood and heard on deeper and deeper levels. That's, that's been the biggest, the biggest highlight for sure.

And you helped me get clear about the type of partner that I was seeking. Through that clarity, I found her. And I'm in the most amazing fulfilling relationship I could imagine!

I highly recommend your coaching to others often, I recommend it specifically to people who are really wanting to better themselves.

~ Tanner P. Reno, Nevada

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