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Upcoming Workshops


Less Conflict, More Love

In this FREE highly interactive online workshop you will gain a clear understanding of common unconscious communication habits that perpetuate disconnection, and quick, simple, heart-centered communication remedies which will empower you to shift this pattern forever. This is a great introductory-level training for all.


Calm, Clear and Empowered

In this FREE highly interactive online workshop you will gain a step-by-step process using cards or words lists along with a guiding worksheet and group coaching. This practice will support you to calm emotions while increasing empathy, clarity, gratitude, assertiveness and power. Each participant will be engaged in a solo practice and you will gain the benefit of this work without needing to share anything private or personal. This workshop is great for NVC beginners on up!


Crucial Conversations for Thriving Love

Join our transformative 8-week online workshop on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for everlasting love. Master the practices of empathy, honesty, and the Four-Step Process to enrich all of your relationships. Tackle topics with confidence including sex, intimacy, money and power using NVC for deeper connection and fulfillment. Learn how to build a collaborative, understanding approach, aligning goals and values. Empower yourself with NVC to gracefully navigate conflicts, fostering mutual respect and effective communication. Elevate your relationships to new heights with these essential skills!
    * Limited partial scholarships available to low-income people.

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