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Lynda Switzer

Master Trainer: Love Smart Cards Canada

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Lynda Switzer B.A., B. Ed. is a relationship alchemist, Neuro-Transformational Business and Relationship Coach, Facilitator and Educator who works with individuals, couples, families and larger groups to identify, erase and replace limiting beliefs, and to dramatically improve their communication to enhance their quality and depth of connection. Her mission is to lovingly and tenaciously support and inspire others to live a life they love.

She believes that the concepts she teaches are skills anyone can learn to create ease, grace and flow in all their relationships. She knows these tools change lives and re-invigorate stale/stuck individuals/relationships, including those with romantic partners, family members, co-workers, casual friends and neighbours.

Lynda has empowered individuals, couples, families and groups to learn and confidently apply conscious communication skills to upgrade their relating by changing old habits of communicating/relating to attain personal clarity, and to prevent and overcome conflicts.

She is a trained, certified educator, business/relationship coach and change agent with 20+ years of experience teaching, coaching, facilitating workshops, running her own businesses and transforming lives.

Lynda holds Bachelors degrees in Arts and Education from Wilfrid Laurier and Queen’s Universities. 

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