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Makiko Imai 
Master Trainer: Love Smart Cards Japan

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Makiko Imai is a Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, Transformative Life Coach and Expert in Collaborative Communication, and Empathic Leadership. She has over 20 years of experience working in international environment, from human resources development to business consultant. As a communication specialist, she serves in various fields such as facilitation, interview, coaching, and writing. She has served several non-profit organizations in the area of sustainability and social change. Her clients include marketing & advertisement companies, manufactures, educational institutes, media, governmental institutes, UN institute, non-profit organizations and individuals. She also works with several international professionals to introduce their work into Japanese market. She offered services to international clients through online & on-site workshop and is the translator of the Love Smart Cards into a Japanese/English version and is the founder of Love Smart Cards Japan.

• Transformative Life Coaching
• Empathic & Collaborative Leadership
• Consulting for Building Empathic Organizational Culture
• Translation (introducing English workshop in Japan)
• Planning & Development

Education and Certifications
• International Christian University, BA in Peace Studies
• Coaching for Transformation
• Resonant Leadership Facilitator
• Counseling from the Heart Facilitator
• Nonviolent Communications Leadership Program
• Aura Soma Counsellor
• IUCN Commission on Communication and Education Member


“Right from the beginning, I felt a flow in our discussion which brought out some really insightful discoveries for me. I believe this has very much to do with Makiko’s exceptional listening skills, plus her command of the coaching lingo, to the point that on several occasions it felt like she was plucking imagery directly from my mind. She humbly calls it 'intuition', but for me it was akin to ESP. That to me is her greatest strength in this discipline. More importantly, that kind of engagement facilitated us to delve deeply into the topics which we had set out to explore. The insight from our session was indeed very refreshing. Makiko applied a lot of visualization to encapsulate the essence of our discoveries, which is extremely helpful for getting at the heart of the issue and retaining the clarity for further action.” – From a Creative Director, on Coaching session.

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