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The Inception of the Love Smart Cards: Transformations in Love

In 2018 I was asked to share my spectacular story of how the Love Smart Cards were first created. What captivates those who hear my story is the seemingly miraculous and immediate turn-around that happened in my relationship with my son, who was 9 years old back in 2007 when I printed and used my first set. The results that can be achieved through regular use with these cards, paired with basic understanding of the Nonviolent Communication key teachings and distinctions are truly remarkable. This card set is by far the most powerful tool I know of to train essential skills in Emotional Intelligence such as empathy, gratitude, character development, conflict management and conflict resolution, and emotional resiliency. People who use these cards become increasingly conscious of all their relations - with their kids, their romantic partners or spouses, their coworkers, family members, spiritual communities and in their work for social justice causes. The cards support a radical shift in consciousness from that of separation and competition, to connection and collaboration. This shift creates ripple effects of benefit, making life more wonderful for everyone it touches. Enjoy the full story for free here!

Below is the first page in the best-selling compilation Ignite Love.

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