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  • 30-minutes in service to your heart. Be deeply heard and understood.

    Gifting economy
  • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence - tailored to your needs. 60 min.

    120 US dollars
  • Sensitive, empowering support thru times of challenge. 90 min.

    175 US dollars
  • Learn all the core processes and teachings in a workshop setting.

    475 US dollars
  • One-on-one or couples coaching. Use these hours on an as-need basis.

    500 US dollars
  • One-on-One or Couples coaching. Use these hours on an as-need basis.

    960 US dollars

Meet Our Trainers


Katrina Vaillancourt - USA

Katrina is a Love, Sex, Intimacy & Parenting Coach and the creator of the Love Smart Cards™. She expresses her passion for Compassionate Consciousness through the arts and through teaching and facilitating workshops based in Nonviolent Communication™. She is a mother, and artist, and an entrepreneur, working to co-create a world that works for everyone!


Makiko Imai - Japan

Makiko is a Transformative Life Coach and Expert in Collaborative Communication and Empathic Leadership. She has over 20 years of experience working in international environment, from human resources development to business consultant and is the founder of Love Smart Cards Japan.

Languages: Japanese and English


Lynda Switzer - Canada

Lynda Switzer is a Neuro-Transformational Coach who helps people to dramatically improve their communication to enhance their quality and depth of connection. Her mission is to lovingly and tenaciously support and inspire others to live a life they love.

Languages: English and French

Certified Coaches

Would you love to teach people how to embody the values of love and compassion and co-create win/wins? If so, ask us about our certification track.

Affiliate Coaches

Do you have your own established coaching practice and interest in adding some Love Smart Card processes to what you are already doing?


We have an extensive list of workshop offerings and can design workshops to suite your community and business needs. Learn more!


Currently in English, Japanese and Mandarin, we are open to adding additional translations to make this accessible to all people. Learn more!


​Tel: 415-779-5957

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Universal Longings Cards

Universal Needs/Longings/Values/Desires are at the core of the Nonviolent Communication teachings. These needs are what drive ALL choices. Everything anyone ever does is driven by Universal Needs.